Finally after 30 years


Well, it has been 30 years, and now the date is here. I’m very excited. I can’t wait to go to the bookstore and see my book on the shelf. Why did it take me 30 years? In addition to tracing my own ancestry, I have traced the history of each family associated with Wessyngton Plantation, including the owners of the plantation. This involved examining tens of thousands of documents, census records, wills, bible records, reading hundreds of letters, and interviewing descendants of the slaves and the plantation owners.

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  1. Thayer Talbott says:

    Congratulations John!!! My copy is on the way. I am so thrilled for you and cannot thank you enough for the time and research and love you have put into this project. I can’t wait to see the photos and documents you located; the portrait on the front cover is near & dear to my heart as I remember it from my childhood at Wessyngton, hanging amidst many other photographs and portraits. I know a number of cousins who have ordered and received the book, so I know that many in the family are embracing your project with great love and excitement.

    And I know Mom would have been so pleased to see this project come to fruition after all your hard work. Know she looks down on you with a big smile. I will be watching for interviews, so definitely let me know of any appearances you are making.

    Best Regards, Thayer

  2. John Baker says:


    Thanks so much. I believe your mom is looking down with a big smile. She was always so helpful with my research from the very beginning. I remember my first visit to Wessyngton when you and your sisters were very small girls living there with your parents. It’s hard to believe the book is finally finished after all these years. I hope everyone will enjoy it.

    Sincerely, John

  3. Lawson Mabry says:

    Dear john,
    I am finishing up your book right now and just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed it. I’ve always been fascinated with the Washington farm and it’s history. I ride my bicycle around it every week or two in good weather and always stop for a few minutes in from of Wessygton to pay my respects to all those who had a hand in it’s history. My wife is from Robertson County (Beth Fletcher of Adams) and her father owns a small farm that adjoins Glenraven that I’m sure was once part of the Washington holdings. You have truly made all the Washingtons come to life. Thank you for preserving the rich history of a time that, for better or worse, should not be forgotten.

    Sincerely yours,
    Lawson Mabry
    Clarksville, Tennessee

  4. Michelle says:


    I am so proud of you and all the hard work that you have put into this very important project.

  5. Sharon Terry says:


    We are also proud of you and very excited about the book. My father and I were just talking about the last reunion and the up coming book signing in Nashville. He also mentions often how, as a boy, he would come to the main house to wait for his Uncle. To hear him speak about the history that is now in a book is wonderful!. I will be at Borders on March 7th to support your efforts and of course to have my book signed.

    You have brought joy and exceptional pride to my family and I sincerely thank you

    With much respect.

  6. John Baker says:


    Thanks. I look forward to seeing you at Borders and appreciate all the family support. It is exciting to see everything finally come together and knowing that our history will be preserved for future generations.


  7. John Baker says:


    Thanks for all your support and encouragement.



  8. John Baker says:


    I am so glad you enjoyed the book. The Glenraven farm you mentioned was originally the Dortch Place referred to in the book. More than likely your father-in-law’s farm was once part of the Wessyngton estate.

    Best regards,

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  10. McMuff Daddy says:

    McMuff Daddy…

    Love your stuff, found your post very informative. I found you through Yahoo using the keywords ‘family history tracing’ by the way;…

  11. John Baker says:

    Thanks. I have lots of info due to all the years of researching my family.

  12. John Baker says:

    Thanks. Glad you liked the site.

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