Creating a Family Tree

Washington Family Tree

Washington Family Tree

One of the most exciting things about genealogical research is meeting new family members.  In conducting research for more than thirty years I’ve found hundreds of relatives.  I created this tree which spans ten generations and includes more than 600 names of descendants from my great-great-grandparents Emanuel and Henny Washington.   I have genealogical information on all the families that came from Wessyngton including: Washington, Blow, Gardner, Terry, White, Williams, Lewis, Scott, Green and many others.

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2 Responses to “Creating a Family Tree”

  1. shannon says:

    How big is this chart? it looks amazing.

    My grandparents did something like this, but in a book, so you can’t see it all at once.

    My neighbor borrowed my copy of The Washingtons. She loves it. She said, “This helps me really understand for the first time what it was like to be a slave.”


  2. John Baker says:


    The tree is about 3.5 feet wide. I have another one for the Terry family that has nearly 1,000 names.

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