Genealogy Tips #1

1.  Start with yourself


     The first step in tracing genealogy is to start with yourself and work backwards. 

      Start with what you know such as the names of parents, grandparents etc. then search

      for the unknown.


2.  Interview older relatives


     Older family members can give you personal information about your ancestors      

      not found in official records.  They may also give you information that will lead you          

      you to other genealogical resources such as the names of extended family members,

      locations where family members lived during a certain period, birth, marriage, and

      death dates of family members.  Always record the interviews if possible.


3.  Copy old photographs


     Copy all old family photographs and share them with family members.  Be sure to

      record the names of all persons featured in photographs on the back.  We have all

      seen old photographs of family members that no one can identify.


4. Share information with family members.


     Always share what you find with family members.  If you share information others

      will likely share with you. 


5.  Organize your work


     Always organize your research and cite sources so the information you find is

      useful to others.

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