Wessyngton Descendants at Borders Book Signing

On March 7th I had a book signing at Borders in Nashville.  The event was well attended by many family members and friends.   I met several new cousins there.  The event also brought together descendants of Wessyngton’s founder Joseph Washington, and African American descendants, whose ancestors came from the plantation.  A group photograph was taken of both families.

Wessyngton Descendants at Borders Book Signing

Wessyngton Descendants at Borders Book Signing

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2 Responses to “Wessyngton Descendants at Borders Book Signing”

  1. Letha Granberry says:

    I think it is awesome to have had members from the Caucasian side of Wessyngton’s founder to appear at your book signing. They could hold more information that could be of value to you. The Caucasians on my side are not willing to give up any information about my family from the 1800’s, although they’ve written a book and have mentioned things that were of great significance to my Negro side of the family. I pray for continued blessings for you and hope I am blessed as well in my research, which has been ongoing for twenty years.

  2. John Baker says:


    The Washington family has been very cooperative in providing information, photographs, and recollections with me from the beginning of my research more than 30 years ago. One of them donated funds to have African American descendants from the plantation DNA tested to determine their African origins. I wish you well with the quest for your ancestors.


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