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Washington Hall

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  1. james says:

    i grew up in cedar hill tn and as a young 14 year old boy myself and my buddy’s played around that mansion many times.back then in 1963 and 1964 we spent many days there it was hay stored in it at the time.i believe a Mr. Vinson was in charge of the farm and lived behind the mansion.ever day was a new mystery for us exployering the mansion we found old wine bottles in a hidden cellar and brass fire irons beside the fire places.a chandelier was hanging from the ceiling i believe in the ball room someone stole it. plenty of visitors would come on Sunday and look and take photos and we would be hiding in the hay.my friend and i were going to spend the night there on a bet but after a couple of hours we heard noises thinking they were ghosts and we ran all the way home scared to death.i left in 1965 and the mansion was still there but later i found out it had burnt down and with it a lot of memory’s for me and my friends.

  2. My husband, Freeman Ray Key, of 43 yrs, used to play in the mansion. His family still lives in adams and cedar hill. He has told our kids and grandkids about playing there. One such story,his mom used to drink in the mansion. One day he and his sister were there this family drove up to take pictures and tour the house. Freeman said he would take them inside, he didn’t know that his mom was in there. As they started up to the third floor, the apparition came out of the room to the side of the staircase and stopped in front of the big stained window at the top of the stairs. It was screeching and wailing, it scared them all so bad they ran back outside as fast as they could. they turned around to see what it was, my husband started laughing and said look that’s my mom. Then everyone felt better, but needless to say they didn’t go back in the house quite as often as they used too. We have driven to the gate, but he would love to go see the place where the house stood. He and his mom still tell stories about their adventures. I’m so glad a piece of his history is coming to life for his family to see. Our kids now know that the past is very important to hold on to.

  3. mary says:

    Some of my best memories as a child was spent playing in the yard and swinging in those big porch swings. My friend linda and I played there when her dad (then the farm foreman) made rounds at the house. I was saddened to hear it was gone. It only exists now in my memories.

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