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Joseph Washington, Founder of Wessygnton Plantation

Friday, May 1st, 2009
Joseph Washington Purse

Joseph Washington's Money Purse

{Money Purse}. 

Joseph Washington came to Tennessee from Virginia as did many young men after the Revolutionary War.  He carried this money purse with him.  When he was twenty-six, he left his parents in Virginia, bringing several slaves and all his wordly possessions. His sister and one of his brothers came to Tennessee later.

The money purse in now in the possession of Joseph’s great-great-great-grandson, Stanley Frazer Rose.

Photo Reveals Our Ancestor’s Religious Devotion

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

During a book signing in Evansville in February I met a cousin Mildred Moore Robinson who gave me this wonderful photo that belonged to her mother.  The photograph was of an 1890s baptism in Cedar Hill, Tennessee.   The church was a central part of the African American community.   People would come from miles around to witness a baptism as shown in this photo.

1890s Baptism in Cedar Hill, TN

1890s Baptism in Cedar Hill, TN